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Our work

We approach our work through a robust framework that emphasizes the human right to maintain personal bodily autonomy, control our respective lives, sexualities and gender, work, decision to have children or not have children, and parent said children in safe and sustainable communities.

We do this through outreach directly in communities to provide resources and skills-building opportunities; providing a safe space for education that empower women to make informed decisions; advocating within the movement and across all movements to influence laws and policies that impact women and girls' lives.


Health Education

Providing a safe space for women and girls to learn about issues ranging from managing menstrual pain to postpartum self-care is essential. Information is a barrier to access quality health care. We work with educators, parents, community leaders and directly with women and girls to connect women and girls in traditional and non-traditional ways with the critical information they need.

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A world free from sexual and reproductive oppression requires laws and policies that allow women and girls to chose their futures. To accomplish this we aim to influence leaders, policies, program implementation to create a world free from oppression enabling women and girls toe exercise their right to bodily autonomy. We partner with policymakers, advocates and organizations across Nigeria and in the diaspora to coordinate key strategies and bring to the forefront the need for urgency in addressing gender inequality and it's impact on sexual and reproductive health.

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Adolescent girls require a safe space to unlock their own power as agents in charge of their own sexual and reproductive health. We directly work with girls and the stakeholders in their communities to provide essential self-efficacy skills and understand and exercise their rights, in addition to distributing necessary materials and supporting access to health facilities.


Area of Focus

Creating a gender just world

Period poverty

Access to contraceptives

Maternal mortality reduction

Economic empowerment

Effective Sex Education

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